Commercial CCTV Security Systems For Auckland Business Premises

Setting up security surveillance for an Auckland commercial property can mean a whole slew of different things. The type of property and business, size of building and area to be covered, entry points and many other aspects all come into play. Auckland commercial CCTV security systems play a major role in surveillance for businesses and the properties they occupy.

There are different types of commercial CCTV security cameras that are used in a commercial setting. This link to Samsung gives a brief introduction to some of the surveillance cameras and related equipment you can find.

Types of commercial security camera

commercial CCTV security systems Auckland

Dome surveillance camera – image affinis.in

Some cameras are in plain sight to show would-be miscreants that their activities are being monitored. These are used as more of a deterrent factor. Other CCTV surveillance cameras are kept hidden. These record detailed images of thieves, trespassers and vandals which can be used later in case evidence is needed in court proceedings. Of course there are different sizes, and there is also varying video quality and operational features among the different security camera models.

Common questions about commercial CCTV security systems

Some of the most common queries people have relate to the technical aspects of the devices:

Are you talking 1080p imaging, which provides you with a high definition feed? What storage capacity do you need when it comes to saving footage? What other systems do you need tied into your security camera network?

Other questions refer to the physical location and number of cameras that might be needed.

The answers to each depend on your premises, likely offenders and of course your budget.

Of course, one of the largest factors when it comes to setup and cost is how many cameras you need overall. A bank or luxury department store might be littered with security cameras, even in a very small space whereas a small retail outlet can be covered with a few cameras and a PC to monitor them. An industrial plant, big distribution centre or a data warehouse will need more cameras to protect the surrounding fence as well as entry points.

There are two important aspects of security cameras that businesses sometimes forget which they need to consider. First, have you ever been watching a news show that featured security camera footage that wasn’t good enough quality to really identify a person or even an event?

What is the point of having a security camera network if you’re not going to be able to benefit from the use of the cameras? Make sure you know what you are getting when it comes to the quality of the imaging. It does not mean you necessarily have to go with the best, but you do want them to serve their function.

Secondly, many businesses do not consider their outdoor security camera options as much as they should. Sometimes, they end up wishing they had spent more time or increased the budget a little so they can use better quality or more long-lasting devices. Even if it has nothing to do with the business itself, outdoor security footage can sometimes help solve other crimes in the area.

Of course outdoor security camera installation and setup in general of all cameras and security equipment has much to do with the type of business as mentioned. A large retail store might want cameras in the car parking lot to monitor the activity in such a large area. Other businesses might want commercial CCTV security systems to monitor who is coming in and out of the building. Another thing to consider is having different types of cameras within the same business for specific areas of the business.

A good example of this is of course the outdoor security cameras vs. the indoor surveillance cameras. Another example would be more high definition cameras in areas where more expensive merchandise is located. Or, you can have a higher concentration of cameras at these locations.

There are of course many different brands for each type of security camera, and you want to be sure you check out which features are exclusive to certain brands and types.

Would you like to be able to view cameras within your business from your cell phone or any other type of device that connects to the Internet? Monitor cameras on your phone, tablet or laptop, either from home or while out and about in the city. A better use of your time would be to have the cameras connected to a monitoring service so that a round-the-clock watch can be maintained.

Installation costs are another thing to consider when opting for security cameras to be setup. You do have to operate on a budget, but you do not want to sacrifice the security of your business to save a few dollars. Professional testing and commissioning of the systems is well worth the extra expense.

You also want to feel like your inquiry is being handled as a priority. After all, the security and safety of your business is a top priority. So, upon contacting an Auckland commercial CCTV security systems business, you expect for someone to be able to outline what they can offer you, take in what you tell them, and get back to you soon to schedule an in person visit and quote. It would be nice if all this could be done in one day right?

commercial CCTV security systems

Infra-red camera – image onlinepi.com

Perhaps you’re on a deadline for grand opening for your new premises in Auckland. Commercial CCTV security systems will provide you with that coverage and monitored surveillance. Or, maybe you’re thinking it’s about to time to set up a system or make modifications to an existing one. Whatever the case may be, set up a date with a company to come and install.

Global Security is an Auckland-based security service ranging from burglar and fire alarms, through motion detectors, CCTV security systems, 24-hour monitoring and mobile security patrol. For more details click here.



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Things to Know When Choosing a Security Patrol Service Provider

Theft from work places
Prevent theft from work places – image tungphoto


Choosing a security patrol service provider can be difficult. When you choose a security patrol company, you’re basically choosing a person to give keys to your house or business and leaving for the night. That is why proper research is important, and knowing what you want and need will save a lot of time as well. Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re looking at which security company might be right for you.


Do you need mobile security patrols or a guard who is stationed on your property? Depending on your situation, the level of guard you need can vary. A permanent guard is going to be much more expensive than a mobile patrol which randomly visits your premises. This is because you are the only employer of that individual’s service. Whereas if the patrol attends your factory, warehouse or office and also visits numerous other sites then there are more people paying for that guard’s time. If your operation is relatively low security, a guard with a flashlight and a radio can be plenty to discourage teenage vandals or petty thieves. For a normal residence, you may only want a guard monitoring automated cameras ready to call the police at the first sign of disturbance, which is cheaper still. However, if you have a large manufacturing facility or you hold sensitive information on site, then you may want to consider a dedicated security night watchman.

The next thing to consider is whether you want to choose a local security company or a subsidiary of an international chain that operates nationwide. Neither is a clear winner and both having advantages. Here are some thoughts:


Nationwide chains of security firms are useful for a certain baseline of effectiveness and you know they are not about to go out of business or do anything shady. However, you are only a small part of their total operation and so you do not get the same level of personal service that you might from a privately, locally owned security firm. A multinational though may have more resources to invest in the latest technologies but on the other hand, they may be subject to more financial scrutiny by their overseas owners. An international subsidiary operating in New Zealand is ADT.


Alternatively, a privately owned company is going to be less predictable as far as quality of protection, and each one has to be judged on an individual basis. That said the best of independent companies is going to be far, far better than the best of nationwide providers. Independent companies might well have more long-term, motivated and reliable employees, faster response times to emergencies and personal service.


One of the best security patrols companies that is New Zealand owned is Global Security Ltd. They also happen to invest in some of the best security technology to provide monitoring, CCTV and alarm systems as a first point of reference in case of an alert. These are backed-up by their mobile Auckland security patrols which are first-responders to many incidents.


Auckland security patrol

Auckland security patrol – image securityguardtraininguk

After you know what kind of contract you want to sign, it’s time to find and compare the companies in your area. Look them up online and make sure to look for customer testimonies. When you see good reviews or videos testimonials then you know that they are a reliable company that you can entrust your protection to. A site like Google is a great place to start; just search for “security patrol companies in (your town)” and start making a list. Then, call one up and to discuss your requirements and get a quote.


There are a lot of things to consider before choosing a security patrol company. You’ll need to do your research to make sure you’re putting your assets in good hands when you sign a contract with a company charged with protecting you. Make sure you give it the proper research so that if the time comes when you need protection in whatever form, your security patrol company makes sure you and your property is safe. Here is some information from the Dept of Justice that might help.


If you want a top local security patrol service in Auckland, click here for more background.

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Designing the right CCTV system for your business

If you are thinking of installing a CCTV camera system in your business or company, it is important that you should do an advanced research on the options available in the market so as to choose the right commercial CCTV for your business.


Surveillance camera systems have been around for many years. Now there is a huge variety of cameras and supporting technology to choose from. There are different camera types from multiple manufacturers with many models in each product type. Each model has different features so of which will be useful to you while others will not. So you need to choose the right one set of the security features that you require for your office or business. The following five factors and facts about cameras will give you a good quality security system:

1. What are your objectives from using a CCTV camera?

Dome Security Camera

Dome Security Camera – image http://pawdigs.com

It is important for you to know your objectives first why you want a CCTV system in your office. Are you looking for a security camera that not only save your money but also prevent theft or burglary from your business? Or you want to catch the thief red-handed or someone who has already stolen from your office, etc.? If you want to prevent theft then having highly visible cameras will be better but if you want to catch thieves then hidden or more discreet systems will be what you need. Deciding on your aims will help you to choose right commercial camera.

2. Decide whether you want to solve day or night vision problems?

Most of the thefts and criminal activities occur at night so you need a camera which can operate in the dark. A daylight system will be quite different. There is also a difference in quality of the images between day or night vision cameras. You will get a clearer image with a day-light camera.

3. Do you want a camera for live usage, playback or for both?

Most commercial businesses prefer CCTV cameras for their playback usage so as to monitor what happened after the occurrence of an incident. Live monitoring requires having staff in front of screens which is of course an expensive option. It is crucial to ensure the quality of the video that will look like in the playback usage. Some of the security camera system work better when used for live video feed but what happens in playback usage? So before selecting a CCTV camera, decide what type of play mode you will need.

4. Decide whether you need general surveillance or forensic aspects?

Swivelsecurity camera

Swivel security camera – image cctvcamerapros.com

To use CCTV for commercial purposes, you should decide whether you require it for general surveillance or for forensic details. General surveillance permits the user to see a parking lot, colours, type of car, etc. On the other hand, forensic detail helps in monitoring license plates and detailed facial recognition of a person. The answer will determine if you need to adjust the field of view and lens used in the camera.

5. How & who will access the CCTV security camera?

A CCTV camera can be accessed by using a PC, wireless laptop, a web-enabled smart phone, a Mac or a third-party surveillance monitoring service. You should identify that who (you, security staff member or 3rd-party) will access and monitor the security camera system.


Whatever type of CCTV camera surveillance system you need will depend to a large extent on your own requirements and of course budget. Given all of the different technologies in video cameras it is easy to see that choosing the right system will take a lot of time and expertise. Most business owners or their managers simply do not have ht time to do this so they turn to specialist suppliers.

There are three types of company they can consider.

First is an electrician. They have the skills to install a system but frankly, they do not know the products on the market and the capabilities of them

You could look at a CCTV company which will of course know all the products and which will work for you. However the problem with this is that they only supply and install, you still need someone to monitor the cameras.

So the third and best option is to work with a security company that has CCTV cameras plus a monitoring service too. One such service provider is Global, a security company in Auckland. They can advise the right devices for your particular application, install them and then provide the ongoing 24/7 security monitoring. Click here for more details about their surveillance services.

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The Benefits of Using a Reputable Security Alarm Monitoring Service

With high rates of crime many people want to safeguard their family and protect property. As a result, both businesses and households often see the need to install an alarm system. They may research the security system options themselves and have a system installed. But many overlook the most crucial component of the security system – security alarm monitoring. Having the ability of the security alarm monitoring service watch over the house adds a level of crisis management that simply does not occur when no one is home.

In addition, the security alarm monitoring service provides other valuable services that include:

Alarms for Quick Burglar Response

Burglar alarm

Burglar alarm

One of the most basic benefits of the security alarm monitoring service is the quick response to an actual alarm event. Even though home security systems are extremely efficient, they typically only provide lights and sirens during a burglary or break-in. In fact, the downside of not using a monitoring service is the reliance on bystanders and witnesses to alert authorities anytime a break-in occurs.

Quite often, a burglar will have sufficient time to take anything in the home they want, when no-one is home, because no one in the community is alerting the authorities. Alternatively, a monitoring service can immediately send a signal to law enforcement, the instant the alarms are activated. In addition, the monitoring company can determine whether the tripped alarm was a false signal. This reduces owner liability, minimizing the penalties from law enforcement for generating a false alarm.

Fire Alarm Emergency Response

Even the most basic monitoring service plans for home security include monitoring for fires using the alarm system. When fire and smoke occurs, the system sets off a fire alarm, by identifying a high level of carbon monoxide, or recognizing a tripped water sprinkling system. The monitoring service instantly alerts fire stations and law enforcement to send equipment and fire-fighters, to save individuals trapped in the fire. Every year, the security system feature saves thousands of individuals’ lives.

Crisis Management Alarm or Panic Button

In many incidences, occupants inside the house during a burglary or break-in often panic and mishandle the ongoing crisis. Fortunately, monitoring service companies can instantly notify law enforcement or even their own security patrols and provide reassurance to the household occupants that assistance is on the way. This offers every member of the household peace of mind knowing they are never truly alone when in the home.

alarm monitoring Auckland

Alarm monitoring – image nofearsecurity

Selecting the Best Alarm Monitoring Service in Auckland

For Kiwis living in Auckland, there are numerous security companies to consider. However, there is an easy way to ensure that you are selecting the best alarm monitoring service, to provide crisis management along with quick emergency and fire response.

  • Determine the amount of budget the household or business can spend on an alarm monitoring system.
  • Make contact with a minimum of three home security companies to acquire bids, estimates and quotes.
  • Ask for business references of every company providing a quote.
  • Consider both the efficiency and reliability of the monitoring service.
  • Visit the monitoring station and observe the operation.
  • Gather important information concerning support plans, warranties, agreement length, management agreements and alarm reaction time along with options for buying or leasing security equipment.
  • Ask if demo equipment is available prior to making the purchase.
  • Ask if equipment features are easily tailored to your household needs.
  • Be sure to inquire about additional features including fire detectors, smoke detectors and panic buttons besides the alarm monitoring.
  • Negotiate the terms of the contract. Many companies are flexible and ready to provide the service you need based on your specific requirements.

While no business or household should ever discount the value of a traditional alarm system, it is important to add the monitoring services well. It offers significant benefits to every member of the house, and can protect the structure, even when household members are home. It does not rely on witnesses and bystanders and place the safety of occupants and possessions in the hands of others who might not care.

As a starting point you might want to check out this alarm monitoring company. They have a full service operation including consultation, installation, servicing and monitoring. They can provide security alarms for residential or commercial purposes. The website has more details.

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CCTV Surveillance Systems Help to Reduce Crimes

When an area needs high security it is almost certain, that CCTV security camera systems will be in use. They are relatively inexpensive, when compared to the high costs of manning the area, and can provide vital information at all times

CCTV  Security Systems Help Security

CCTV security systems are very commonly used in airports, casinos, banks, supermarkets and other areas that may be prone to theft and other crimes. They are also very extensively to increase security for residential complexes, commercial establishments and in factories, warehouses, public areas and of course retail premises to prevent shoplifting.

Closed circuit television security systems are becoming more and more sophisticated, leading to their being increasingly used to reduce the incidence of crime. These systems can be easily monitored from a central control point. Vast areas can be covered thus reducing the need for security personnel. They act as a deterrent and do add to the feeling of safety for the common man.

Do They Intrude on Privacy?

There is a big debate in place that considers the use of CCTV security systems as an intrusion on people’s privacy.  It is estimated that an average person in a city that makes extensive use of these systems is watched at least 300 times every day.  But statistics have proved that money is saved on police forces, because of the ease of surveillance, and the consequent reduction in crime can only lead to savings in court and other legal costs.

The same argument applies when companies install CCTV systems to protect their property, their merchandise and their staff. Shoplifting is a very expensive issue for retailers. It is estimated that shoplifting in NZ costs retailers around $1bn a year. Obviously, the argument of privacy against such a huge loss becomes less clear.

On top of that, around half of all crimes committed against companies are perpetrated by employees. These include not only stealing money or goods but data theft and procurement fraud.  This 2014 report by PwC has more details. So again, installing CCTV surveillance cameras in the workplace becomes a string argument.

CCTV surveillance camera

CCTV surveillance camera – image cctvcamerapros.com

The use of CCTV security camera systems has also led to faster response time from the police, as it has helped to easily identify crime scenes, and in some cases has led to police responding to crimes without any calls to their systems from the public. It is easier for the right number of police and security personnel to be deployed, as pictures from the scene give sufficient information to make such judgments. CCTV systems in areas surrounding crimes scenes are being increasingly useful to spot fleeing criminals and identify their vehicles, and zero in on likely witnesses.

Again a similar situation applies with privately operated surveillance cameras. Many security camera operators have links to mobile security companies while a handful also has their own mobile response units.


Are They Foolproof?

CCTV security systems can never be foolproof although wireless and digital systems are much more reliable than older analogue systems. Another impediment for some companies is that costs often deter commercial establishments and others from having a full deployment of security cameras which ensure that their systems cover every part of the area at all times. This is limited by camera angles, light, range and speed, and technically proficient criminals make thorough studies of installed systems so they can determine the window of opportunity when they will remain undetected by the system.

It is only when evaluations are conducted over long periods of time that inconsistencies come to the fore and can then be properly addressed. Operators who man the monitors used with these systems also need to be properly trained and their work appraised. The work is tedious and demanding.

Security camera monitoring

Security camera monitoring – image onlinepi.com

The installation of such systems needs to be done in all secrecy, as the public knowledge of their installation can lead to their being circumvented. All the same, it is found that a simple warning that areas are under CCTV surveillance has led to reduction in shoplifting in supermarkets. The miniaturisation of systems has led to surveillance cameras being almost unobtrusive and not easily detected. This has helped to increase safety and security.

CCTV security systems for commercial uses have greatly helped to deter crime, and their use can only increase as the benefits from using them become more apparent. You can get some information on an Auckland-based CCTV security company here.

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Tips to pick a security guard service

A security guard service should be at the top of their game when you hire them for your particular need for security.

The best security guards are the ones who have undergone the best and most rigorous training. It is only by the best and most thorough training will they be up to speed and have the knowledge so that they will do the best possible job for you. You will need to check and be sure that they have the proper licensing and certifications before you hire them. Here is some background on how to get a security license from the trade organisation.

Experience is another thing that you will need to investigate. An experienced security guard will know what to do, no matter what the circumstances. There is no substitute for experience. Training will give a guard the knowledge of what to do, but experience will let you know that the security guard will do the necessary tasks that bring about results.

Honesty is a very important attribute that must be present in a security guard situation. If you put someone in charge of sensitive areas of your business or organization, you must be sure that your can trust them. This will eliminate any worries about any breaches, handling confidential information, and you will know that there will be no inside jobs or problems.

Common sense is an attribute that cannot be taught. It is applied when situations seem to happen in strange ways. Even though a security guard has certain rules and procedures, there are times when pure common sense says that something different is happening and common sense will prevail.

Security patrols

You don;t want a robber – image fancydressball

The security service is expected to work as a team. Their training does not allow for any egos to take over, it must remain a team effort. Everybody has a specific job to do, and if it is done well, the a successful outcome will be the result. The ability to lead where that is what the situation calls for, and then the ability to follow, when the role calls for that is important, because it is the overall result that is important. One person cannot be everywhere at once, and that is why the team approach is so important.

Good security personnel must take pride in their work. They are at the point when it comes to safeguarding the area to which they are assigned, and even though the work is sometimes difficult from the standpoint of long hours of watching and waiting, it must be done professionally and with anticipation of accomplishment.

Communication skills are very important because there are times when articulation of an event in progress must be given with enough accuracy that the rest of the team can properly react and neutralize a situation. Communication is also an important factor when working with others, such as the client and the public.

Physical fitness is very important, as the security guard may be asked from time to time to be physically reliable in chasing after someone, to defend oneself, and be in a physically demanding environment.

Putting a strong concern for others and maintaining a strong concern for human life is another very important trait to have. Many times a security guard will carry a weapon, and he or she must always be cognizant of the responsibility that it calls for to be in that position.

Overall, these factors are covered in interviews with prospective security companies and in the analysis of their active personnel. Referrals from other clients of a security company should be mandatory before hiring any one company. The experiences of another client should weigh heavily upon any decision to hire on a new security company.

Security patrol Auckland

Security patrol Auckland – image labourplusau.web

With this information you are now able to look for a security firm to handle your security issues.  You should feel confident that you will be able to make a wise choice and not experience any major service problems. There are though many security firms to choose from so another filter is their ability to provide a broad range of services besides security guards and patrols. Do they have alarm services, alarm monitoring, high-tech infrastructure and communications to support all of those services?

One of the few NZ security firms that do provide all of these offerings is Global Security. They can be found here on this site. Take a look around and get a feel for the level of investment they have. You will feel confident about choosing them as s security guard service.

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