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How A Neighbourhood Property Dispute Lawyer In Auckland Can Help Keep Things From Boiling Over

In the modern world there are an increasing number of people, both in the cities and suburbs. That means that we all have to learn to get along together, whether we like it or not. However, there are a wide variety of religions, ages, ethnic groups and languages all competing for the same spaces. This makes things difficult if people aren’t at least trying to be accommodating. When a conflict does arise, sometimes it’s left to simmer for months before things finally blow, when it could have been taken care of at a lower level with just a quick chat. It is a good idea to talk to a lawyer in Auckland before things get out of hand.


There Are Plenty Of Reason To Have Disputes


Among the most common are things like dogs barking, music too loud, parking spaces in the street or property line infringements. While there are laws to protect people from abuse, there is rarely strict enough enforcement to satisfy everyone. Plus, by the time people finally take action, they aren’t in a mood to compromise at all, especially if alcohol is involved.


The key is to open channels of communication long before things get out of control. If the city or county in which a person lives does not have any services, there are specialised neighbourhood mediation attorneys available. These lawyers are well trained in getting both side of a conflict together at the same table for a meeting. Many times that’s all it takes, but not always.


Finding A Qualified Conflict Mediation Lawyer


You can start by calling the local police for a recommendation. They should have a list of lawyers to call that have reputations for working in the neighbourhoods. The lawyer will enter the dispute  in a neutral position without taking sides in order to not alienate either party. In many cases there is also a legal aspect to the dispute as well.


If it’s parking on the street, there are local ordinances prohibiting more than 24 hours in one spot, most people ignore that, but it’s there. If it’s dog barking, there are limits to how loud it can be and the hours that it’s permitted at all, once informed of the law, the problem may go away. The same with loud music, some hours it’s hard to enforce, but after 10 PM, it has to be turned down in Auckland. When it comes to property boundaries, there are plenty of very explicit laws covering most situations. Things like fences, walls, retaining walls and run-off have all been dealt with before, so these are pretty straight forward in most cases.


Auckland dispute resolution lawyer

Once the mediation lawyer in Auckland has carefully listened to both sides and explained the position of the law, then it’s time for each side to make some kind of concession. The object is to get the two sides to meet somewhere in the middle. They may still not be totally satisfied, but they aren’t completely dissatisfied either. As long as no violence has broken out between the two, then things can most likely be settled down and return to normal in the neighborhood.


If you have a dispute with a neighbour that’s been sitting on the burner for a while, it’s best to take action to get things resolved. The longer you wait the worse things could get, and there’s always the possibility things could turn violent. Going to a mediation lawyer in Auckland can usually fix things well enough that both sides can continue to be neighbours, if not friends as well.

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